Select Student Testimonials

The STS Select student is the center focus of our mission to foster a program of reciprocal learning. Every day as we share in each new discovery a student embraces, we experience it with them. The care and attention provided by our staff allows every student to reach their full potential.

“It has been a great experience since I came here. I learned a lot about American culture which is very interesting and different. My host family has been so supportive of all my extra-activities. In addition, the STS coordinator organizes a lot of activities to help students get involved. I appreciate all the people I met here, and it's definitely one of my best decisions to be an exchange student.”

Yaoyao Chen


"I am very grateful to both my parents, who encouraged my applying to this program, and my host family, who offered me their hospitality and made me achieve my burning ambition to live the “American dream”.

It is a very challenging experience that requires a positive attitude, a strong willpower and the ability to handle change. The beginning is the most challenging part, because you have to overcome the cultural differences and adapt to the new environment. I was very lucky, because my host parents and siblings have welcomed me with love, and treat me like a member of their great family. The school is very demanding in terms of studying, but on the other hand stimulating, and having a locker and changing classroom every hour are just the coolest things ever! I have found lovely people here and very good friends. They have shown me around and made my adaptation process as smooth as possible.

This is a unique opportunity nobody should miss, because it makes a difference in your life!"

Cecilia Stancari

New Hampshire