Partner School testimonials

Every school has a character all their own, just as our students are all unique individuals. We strive to create opportunities by opening doors, making personal connections and providing consistent support.

“STS has been an excellent organization to work with from the beginning. They were very helpful in providing useful information to help us successfully get our program started. They offer strong support throughout the school year and my local coordinator is very accessible, attentive, and hands-on.”

Shannon Pritzl

International Program Coordinator

Roncalli High School

“Linfield has worked with STS since 2012 and have benefitted from their commitment to representing our school to their foreign contacts. We have received several students from their organization, and they have had a positive impact on our school community. We have been pleased with the skill in managing student needs and responding to our requests for additional support.”

Gay Bennett

HS Vice Principal, International Program Director

Linfield Christian School

“STS has worked with our school in providing us many international students throughout the years. We have been most pleased with the quality of student, additional resources and services and the agency’s support of their schools, host families and international students. They have treated all with the utmost respect and are always available when we need them. We are blessed to be working with these professionals. “

Sarah Shimek

International Student Coordinator

St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School

“Our STS students have been first-rate. We have thoroughly enjoyed having them here at Father Lopez Catholic as they jumped right in, immersing themselves in the school community and their host families. STS prepared the students well for their stay.”

Wendy Therrien

International Student Program Director

Father Lopez Catholic High School