Select exchange student programs available

STS Select currently offers both semester and academic year programs. Every student has independent needs. The ability to provide a variety of options is desirable to fit those needs. The intent of each student is taken into consideration. Some are choosing the program exclusively for the cultural experience, while others have a larger goal in planning for their academic future.


The flexibility of participating for one semester is attractive to cultural exchange students that are not able to commit to a longer program. We want to provide the opportunity to be a part of an experience abroad to as many students as possible. We respect the needs and comfort of each school to offer programs in the fall semester and/or the spring semester.

Academic Year

A ten month program offers an extended opportunity to fully embrace all the academic and social possibilities of attending an American high school. This allows time to integrate fully into course studies and find success in a wide range of disciplines our schools offer. At STS Select, our service includes the transfer of applicable information to all entities and establish the goals and expectations of all. That may be the ability to transfer credits to the native country, create a path towards graduation in the United States, or to help a student sustain their current academic plans while experiencing a cultural year abroad.

Additional Years

STS Select celebrates the success of multi-year students as we watch them grow, graduate and journey into college and university. Students apply to the school of their choosing with the vision of completing their high school education in that school and build a strong foundation for success.