Local Coordinator Testimonials

STS Select Local Coordinators are caring and creative individuals that wish to be participate in the journey of an international exchange student. They are an integral part of the program and are essential to the success of every student program.

"Everybody wants their dream job; I can say I have mine. I have been a local coordinator for the past 2 years for STS USA. It has been the most rewarding job. You get to enrich international student's lives. Every day you learn something new about a different culture, such as seeing students experiencing new things in America and guiding students in their education. I can say dreams do come true."


"As an exchange student coordinator I get to work first hand with incoming students who are eager to experience our American high schools. Helping these students settle in to their new families and schools, allows me to be connected in their lives as someone they can trust and turn to when needed. I love spending time with these students and encouraging them to fully embrace the opportunities open to them. This is the time for them to try new sports, join a club, and volunteer their time in the local community…and all the while, I get to cheer them on!"