Become a Local Coordinator

We are looking for individuals with a passion for encouraging global understanding and are open to the rewards that come with participating in the success of every student. The responsibilities of the Local Coordinator are essential to the care and effective management of our cultural exchange program.


Host Family Selection and Orientation

  • Interview and screen families to participate in the STS Select Program. Review Host Family applications, verify references and evaluate Host Family applicant’s ability to participate in the program.
  • Provide pre-departure orientation to selected Host Families detailing program objectives and expectations. This discussion includes cross cultural communication strategies and communication guidance between the Host Family and student.

School Partnerships

  • Build relationships with partner schools to establish a foundation for student success.
  • Provide support to each assigned school to create a team atmosphere, working together towards every student’s success.
  • Obtain updated information on each institution to assist in the accurate information flow about school practices, courses, sport activities and application requirements.


Communication and Counseling

  • Contact students within 48 hours of arrival
  • Conduct in person student orientation within 30 days of arrival.
  • Counsel student as needed to assist in adapting to American culture and life.
  • Maintain monthly contact with Students and Host Families, complete and submit on-line monthly contact reports.
  • Mediate and resolve conflicts between program participants, if required.

Skills and Abilities

  • Should be an excellent speaker and communicator with demonstrated initiative, imagination, stamina, a sense of humor and a love of international cultures and languages.
  • Ability to juggle and prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Computer skills required; familiarity and access to internet and e-mail programs.
  • Must be able to work off-site without supervision in a highly ethical manner.

Time Commitment

  • This will depend on the number of students that choose to attend the assigned schools in your area.
  • Must be available in the event of an emergency with the support of the national office.
  • Hours are flexible, occasional evening and weekend appointments required as Host Family’s schedule demands.

If you would like to talk about becoming a Local Coordinator, please contact us by completing the contact form.