Host Family requirements

Our application process is designed to know our host families and establish a foundation of success for every placement. To meet that goal, every host family must meet certain requirements, as set forth by CSIET and STS Select.

You must:

  • Complete and pass the Host Family Background Check
  • Willingness to accept the student as a member of the family
  • Meet with the STS Local Coordinator and undergo a Host family interview and attend the scheduled Pre-Arrival Orientation
  • Provide a private room and study area for the student
  • Provide at least two community Host Family character references
  • Provide access to 3 meals every day
  • Provide and/or facilitate student transportation to school every day
  • Communicate and collaborate with the STS Local Coordinator every month to review and create a successful experience for the host family and student
  • Abide by the STS Rules and Regulations governing the program