Do you have questions? Well, we have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Do you have an additional question? Please contact us to speak directly with a member of the STS Select team who can help you get the answers you need.

Host family

What does hosting mean?

What if our student wants to get their driver’s license?

Are we allowed to travel with our student?

Who do we contact in case of an emergency?

Why do I have to receive a 1099 from STS?


What if my school is not currently certified to issue the applicable visa?

How do you locate host families?

What is the goal of your students in the STS Select Program?

How are your students prepared for the program?

Who should we contact if there is a question or issue regarding an STS Select student?


Do I get credit in my home country for the school year abroad?

May I change host families?

What will I have to pay for during my program?

I want to play sports in my US high school. Is that possible?

Can I choose what classes I want to take while in the United States?